The following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our annual camp. We will add to this over time as new questions come up. You can always email camp@pkunw.org for more specifics.

What is the perfect age for camp?
Camp is great for ALL ages - seriously! From infants to adults, there is truly something for everyone.

Parents of PKU'ers (from babies to adults) find camp incredibly rewarding to connect with other parents, see all the normal PKU babies/kids/teens/adults and learn about the range of foods your little one will get to eat. We have PKU campers comes as infants that continue attending camp every year. It's never too early to come to camp.

Children with PKU enjoy meeting other kids just like them who drink formula every day and count PHE/protein in their foods. It normalizes having PKU, builds confidence in their diet and gives them the opportunity to try new flavors.

Teenagers often sit in on cooking workshops or network with other teens and adults. They can ask questions (like how do others bring their formula to school) and sit on a cooking workshop to learn new skills. Camp is an opportunity to refresh their meal ideas and build confidence to stay on diet.

Adults with PKU like attending camp to take a break from cooking meals for the weekend and know there will be tons of options on the PKU buffet table at every meal for them. They enjoy connecting with other families, answering questions and sharing resources.

Siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and friends without PKU still have a blast at camp! There are organized activities at camp like field games that are fun for everyone. The water park is a big hit with all ages. There is a wading pool and splash pad for little ones and several slides for big ones. Check out the Facility Details for more info.

How far is camp from Portland?
It is a 4-5 hour drive. 

Is there a shuttle?
The camp is very remote and there are no shuttles.

Can we fly to camp?
The closest airport is in Redmond, Oregon, but you will still need to rent a car to drive 2.5 hours to camp. Sometimes it works out to be cheaper to just fly into Portland, rent a car and drive 4-5 hours from there.

When is check in/check out?
Check in begins after 6:00pm on the first day of camp and we check out of our rooms the last day of camp in the morning by 9:00am, followed by brunch. People are generally on the road home within an hour following brunch, with many teary eyes and big group hugs.

Which meals are provided?
Friday dinner will be provided. If you don't think you will arrive by dinner, please be sure to grab a bite before heading out to camp. Saturday and Sunday we will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brunch will be served Monday morning before everyone drives home. 

Do I need additional money for anything?
There is a snack/coffee shop and a gift shop at camp. You might want to bring cash if you'd like to buy extra goodies or camp souvenirs from these shops.

Are there cribs at camp?
No, cribs are not provided at camp. If you have a little one, please bring a pack and play.

Do we have to share a room with another family?
Rooms are generally shared unless you have a large party of 6, 8, 12, or 14, in which case you are guaranteed a private room on a first-come, first-served basis. Families often use the online registration form to list other families they would like to share a room with. People become fast friends at camp - it's an experience unlike any other.